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3DLAC Bed Adhesive
This product can only be
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BuildTak 3D Print Surface / Dauerdruckplatte
Product Detail and Information
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BuildTak Spatel
This tool has been developed specifically for the FFF 3D printing world. It features a durable...
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MAGIGOO-Bed adhesive pen
MAGIGOO is an easy to use 3D printing adhesive designed to address ‘the first
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Polyimide Hitzebeständig Klebeband Breit 100mm x 32m
A wide roll of our of Polyimide tape! 100mm wide by 32 Meters long!
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29,90 €
Polyimide Hitzebeständig Klebeband Extra breit 200mm x 32m
A "ExtraWide" roll of our of Polyimide tape! 200mm wide by 30 Meters long!
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Good to use when take off object from the build plate.
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Small scraper
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