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Filament Nipper
Smaller nipper that is perfect to cut of the filament with.
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6,90 €
Micro Swiss - Plated Wear Resistant Nozzle for Zortrax M200
This nozzle will fit Zortrax M200, Afinia
Auf Lager: 29
18,90 €
Perforated Plate V2
Perforated plate mounted on heatbed. This new version is thicker and more stable in order to...
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Side covers for Zortrax M200.
Side covers for Zortrax M200.
Auf Lager: 8
Small scraper
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2,90 €
Zortax Extruder PCB
Small PCB board mounted on the top of the extruder.
Auf Lager: 4
Zortrax Display set (Display PCB Panel + OLED + Display Cable)
Display panel set with SD card slot
Auf Lager: 3
Zortrax Extruder cable
The new version of the Extruder Cable works perfectly fine with all M200 versions. *The adapter...
Auf Lager: 8
Zortrax Extruder Motor + Extruder Bearing
Motor for filament feeding and small bearing for putting pressure on the filament. Mounted in...
Auf Lager: 6
Zortrax Fan Cooler
Fan coolers mounted on the extruder.
Auf Lager: 7
Zortrax GT2 Belt X/Y (long)
Long belt for driving the extruder.
Auf Lager: 15
Zortrax GT2 Belt X/Y (short)
Short belt for driving the extruder.
Auf Lager: 8
Zortrax Heatbed without Perforated Plate
Assembled heatbed set without perforated plate (Aluminum plate + Heatbed PCB + 3pcs Bed magnet +...
Auf Lager: 9
Zortrax Hotend V2
Heating block for precise filament extruding. Provided with nozzle. It's recommended to use with...
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Zortrax Nozzle
Auf Lager: 24
23,90 €
Zortrax Thermocoupler + Heater
Set of one thermocoupler and one heater for hotend.
Auf Lager: 12
Zortrax XY Endstop Set (1X, 1Y)
Two endstops mounted on the inner side of the housing necessary for XY axis calibration.
Auf Lager: 10
Zortrax XYZ Motors Set (1X, 1Y, 1Z)
Motors for driving the extruder in XY axes and motor for driving Z axis.
Auf Lager: 4
Zortrax Z Coupler
Element coupling Z lead screw with Z motor shaft.
Auf Lager: 15
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