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Raise3D N1 Dual Extruder

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Reviewer: noren
Really nice and stable printer that prints many different types of materials. Large printbed (20,5x20,5x20,5 cm) but still able to print the finest details. The backup function has saved me after a power failure. The printer started were it left off with only a minor imperfection. If I have to make a negative comment it would be about the led light that is really harsh and only on one side on the N1 (you get then led light on two sides on the N2 though) and really not suitable light for a camera. The heated glass build plate with buildtak has functioned really well and was easily calibrated to be level. The touch display has a quite good interface (although the viewing angle isn't the best) and it's nice to graphically see the progress of the print. But I wish I could see the progress remotely via an app. Overall I'm really happy with the printer. The support has been greate and the community is helpful and nice (but a little small).
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