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Wanhao Duplicator 4S 3D Printer in Metal Frame Black Case Dual Extruder

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Reviewer: Keege
Good and high quality products, but customer service is really bad. I bought a 3D Printer, which was complete but the glass plate was scratched. Filement had been opened and my e-mail has been no response at all. Buy the prinnterinne elsewhere if possible. Scared that what happens with the warranty. A truly bottomless treatment !!
Reviewer: clarif
Great choice for a full blown dual extruder 3D printer at half of the cost of similar Makerbot style printers. It is especially great when combined with Simplify3D software. Level your print bead well and get started with printing - the included PLA test print (quite large) prints great as long as your bed is level. gets you started on printing extra accessories and cooling solutions for your Duplicator print jobs. While free slicer included with the printer and easier software like Makerbot Desktop gets you started, Simplified3D is well worth the money to save you hassles and runs on Linux too (also in VirtualBox virtual machine).
There is quite a big learning curve for things, but here is a shortcut for you - although Simplify3D (v2.2.0) has built-in Wanhoa Duplicator 4/4X profiles, your easiest start for perfect PLA prints is to just download Duplicator 4 profiles already fine-tuned by Jetguy from this Wanhao group thread:!topic/wanhao-printer-3d/hrm98-mGj4Y. Great and perfectly clean PLA prints :)
PS! Since Jetguy must be using a different bed size, you have to correct the Starting G-Code under the "Scripts" tab when you load his FFF profiles so that the startup nozzle ooze does not create a big plastic blob on the corner of the printing bed (e.g. lines like: G1 X-120 Y-70 Z30 F9000 ; move to wait position off table ... )
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