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Duplicator i3 Plus Safety Notice

We have been informed about a possible fire hazard concerning the Wanhao i3 Plus. The affected printers are all printers manufactured before the 19: th of September 2016. The problems lays in the construction of the heated bed, specifically the springs in the corners that are in contact with the heat bed. In worst case scenario the springs could potentially dig into the bed and cause an electrical short which in turn could lead to a fire hazard.

We strongly urge all users of the i3 Plus to turn off and unplug their machines until this problem has been fixed. If you have bought your printer from 3D Prima we ask you to check your printer and if you have a printer that doesn’t have the washers already in place, please do not use the printer.

Go to and create a support ticket under the tab “contact us” and we will make sure that you receive new washers as soon as possible to remedy this problem. If you choose to fix it yourself we recommend that you find washers that are non-conductive, preferably made of fiber, silicon or similar material – not metal.

The washers should be placed in each of the four corners between the bed and the adjustment springs. As of today, 2016/09/20, we have not heard of any report that printers bought from 3D Prima has suffered from any electrical short but we strongly suggest that you don´t use your printer until such the problem has been fixed.

According to Wanhao this problem only effects owners of the i3 Plus but if you are an owner of i3 classic, V2 or 2.1 we suggest that you check your printer to make sure that your print bed is insulated from the heat bed.

The spring can cut trough the insulation

Electric arcing occur

The copper is exposed

Correction notice from Wanhao

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