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What shall I do if I have problem with my 3D Printer?

  • Almost all manufactures have some kind of trouble shooting guide on their home page, so please look there first. If you don’t find the answer or need more help, please open a ticket at the manufactures support. (Not all manufactures have after sales support) Then you need to open a support ticket at us.

What information does the technical support need?

  • The support can help you much faster if you provide them with as much information as possible about the issue as possible. If you can attach a picture or a small video of the issue the support can faster help you since they don’t need to ask so many question about the error.
  • Always provide the support with your order number or customer number, what model the printer is and the printer’s serial number.
  • More questions for the support to ask means longer time to solve the issue.


Choose your brand and open a support ticket:

XYZ 3D Printing


CraftUniqe (CraftBot)

ZYXX 3D Printer  

Raise 3D


For other brands open a ticket at 3D Prima





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