Affordable 3D Printers

Affordable 3D Printers

Buy affordable 3D printers in our online shop

At 3D-Prima you will find an extensive assortment of budget 3D printers

Are you looking for a low budget 3D printer for home usage? In our online shop you will find what you were searching for! We carry high-quality 3D printers of the most renowned manufacturers at particularly affordable entry-level prices. Here you will find fully functional 3D printers for under 200 euro.

Our wide range of affordable 3D printers includes devices from well-known and respected manufacturers like Wanhao, XZYprinting Zortrax and PrimaCreator. If you have any questions about particular 3D printers, then just give us a call. As a pioneer in 3D printing, we are happy to advise you. Benefit from several years of experience. We will also provide you with information on suitable software, scanners and of course on the right filament.

Cheap 3D printers: is the price - performance ration good enough?

We are often asked if such an affordable device makes sense at all. Our answer is: Yes, definitely! For beginners, less expensive 3D printers are the perfect entry in the world of 3D printing. Especially because you have to find out first if working with a 3D printer is fun for you. Low budget 3D printers are perfect for this purpose. Nevertheless, we recommend you not to necessarily opt for the cheapest device. Between 300 and 500 euro you can expect to get a decent 3D printer.

Of course, 500 euro is also a lot of money. However, a small look into the past helps to properly classify this number. About a decade ago, there was virtually no 3D printer which was cheaper than 100,000 euros. Surely the present price level is related to the mass market and the industrial manufacturing of 3D printers. Nevertheless, this number is extremely remarkable, which means you can get technology that was very expensive two years ago for small money today. And this technique was state of the art at that time, so it was used by professionals. Therefore, our advice for beginners: Start with a budget 3D printer.

Buy cheap 3D printers in the 3D-Prima online shop

Do you want to buy a cheap 3D printer? Then look no further! We advise you extensively and competently. Benefit from many years of experience.