Color Printers

Color Printers

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Color 3D printers – what you should know before purchasing

For a long time, 3D printers could only print 3D objects in the color of the source material – the filament. It took a while until color 3D printers entered the market and became affordable. Back then, the 3D printers themselves and colored filaments were more expensive. For this reason, filaments were mostly white and off-white until the color 3D printer revolution. However, technical innovations and rising requirements lead to 3D printers that are capable of printing different colors.

A color 3D printer is a device that is able to manufacture three dimensional objects in different colors and color gradients. The so-called "full-color printers" are the key element of the future of 3D printers. With the production of colorful objects from the 3D color printer, the variety of applications in the field of prototyping for companies increases enormously also for private users of 3D printers at home. In our 3D prima online shop you will find many high-quality color 3D printers of well-known manufacturers. Do you want to buy one of these 3D printers at a low price and still have questions? Then give us a call! We are happy to advise you extensively and competently.

Innovative applications based on color 3D printers

A 3D color printer enables to produce multi-color objects in 3D in a single step. This way, you can first plan and second create complex textures in your design. The range of benefits from virtually unlimited color variety to perfect transitions to massive savings in 3D printing costs. With a color 3D printer you can print completely new objects that you did not dare to dream of before. Not only in the private sector, this new technology should be of great interest. Even science and research as well as industry have innumerable potential application areas where simple printing results have not been sufficient so far.

3D color printers: the difference to monochrome 3D printers

With monochrome 3D printing, you'll need to plan how to assemble and where to place the joints before you build a multicolored object. The monochrome printing has the advantage of being able to make an object completely in a predetermined color. This procedure was invented after the so-called uncolored 3D printing. Here, the filament is dyed during processing and fed into the cartridge. Disadvantages are that no transition is producible, there is a lot of effort in the post-processing and the process is very expensive.

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