Single Extruder

Single Extruder

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Advantages and Disadvantages of single extruder 3D Printers

If you want to print in one color, you usually do not need a dual extruder 3D printer, a single extruder 3D printer should always be sufficient, i.e. a 3D printer with only one nozzle, which can use only one filament at a time. Especially beginners and amateurs should start with a single extruder 3D printer, because multi-color printing with two nozzles is much more complicated and requires more experience on the part of the user.

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Single extruder: The advantages and disadvantages at a glance

With dual extruders, color contamination can occur, while with single extruder 3D printers, for example, Z-alignment is easier to achieve. Adjusting the pressure settings is also a lot easier with a single nozzle unit. In addition, the selection of single extruder 3D Printers is much larger and still clearer. Slicing is also easier and there is more space on the printing plate.

Disadvantages are of course that you cannot work with two filaments at the same time. It is also not possible to work with two nozzle diameters simultaneously. Also popular with many people: the so-called "ditto printing", i.e. the simultaneous printing of the same object.

Single extrusion: what you should bear in mind

As already mentioned, especially beginners should rely on single extrusion. If you feel safer, you can also try out dual extrusion. However, it only depends on the technical quality of the device and filament, but on the capabilities of the user.

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