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SLA Printers

SLA-based 3D Printer: high quality and powerful 3D Printers

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An SLA 3D Printer is based on stereolithography, which is not only abbreviated as "SLA", but also as "SL". Stereolithography is a technical principle of so-called rapid manufacturing or rapid prototyping. A work object is created layer by layer by freely materializing grid points. CAD data and corresponding 3D software are used for production in the SLA 3D Printer.

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SLA 3D Printers are high-quality and state-of-the-art machines. In contrast to other 3D Printers, which are characterized by different generative manufacturing processes such as selective laser melting, printed objects of an SLA Printer (laser-based stereolithography) are brittle. That is why the printer is limited in its application. Stereolithography allows very high precision (0.1 mm per layer; in RMPD processes up to 1 micrometer) with thin structures and low wall thicknesses. The geometry of the object to be built is also limited by the necessary and supporting structures for so-called undercuts. Usually the object produced by SLA printing (stereolithography) should be hardened in a cabinet with UV light after removal from the 3D Printer.

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An emerging trend in the area of SLA 3D Printers is the direct production of objects with the help of stereolithography systems (rapid manufacturing). Examples of applications include the production of custom-made housings for hearing aids using stereolithography. Stereolithography is already used today in the development and production of prototypes in mechanical engineering, especially in automotive construction and medical technology.

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