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What is a 3D scanner and how does it work?

A (3D) scanner is a device for data acquisition, which systematically measures a product or object. The scanning process is an opto-mechanical process. 3-dimensional templates can be excellently read in with a 3D scanner. These devices are mostly used for cataloging or archiving products or objects. The so-called scanning device should be firmly attached. Otherwise, with a handheld scanner, reference points should be attached to the object to be scanned.

In addition to stationary 3D laser scanners, handheld 3D scanners and 3D laser scanners as well as 3D scanner apps are increasingly being used. Handheld 3D laser scanners allow a mobile and extremely flexible use. A disadvantage, however, is that their range is lower than with terrestrial 3D laser scanners. The reason for this is that they are more sensitive to disturbances, environmental influences and bright light.

Renowned manufacturers in the market for 3D scanners are, for example, FARO Technologies, Artec3D and Nikon. In our online shop, you can currently buy 3D scanners from Matter and Form and XYZPrinting.