EasyPrint PETG - 2.85mm - 3 kg - Solid Blue

  • Article no. 23098
  • Article no. 4147
  • EAN 7340002113692
  • Mfg part No, PC-EPETG-285-3000-SBL
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Product description
Basic Data
Filament Typ PETG
Diameter 2,85 mm
Tolerance 0,1 mm
Weight 3,00 kg
Lenght 370 m
Printing Parameter
Recomended Printing Temp Min 210 ºC
Recomended Printing Temp Max 235 ºC
Recomended Printbed Temperature Min 0 ºC
Recomended Printbed Temperature Max 60 ºC
Recomended Printing Speed Min 15 mm/s
Recommended Printing Speed Max 100 mm/s
Recomended Fan Speed Min 10 %
Recomended Fan Speed Max 100 %
Recomended Retraction Min 1,5 mm
Recomended Retraction Max 5 mm
Recomended Flow Rate Min 100 %
Recomended Flow Rate Max 105 %
Specific gravity 1,27 g/cm3   ASTM D1505
Mold Shrinkage 0.2 - 0.5    ASTM D955
Vicat softening temp 83 °C   ASTM D1525
Tensile strength 53 MPa   ASTM D638
Tensile modulus 2150 MPa   ASTM D790
Elongation at yield 5 %   ASTM D638
Elongation at break 70 %   ASTM D638
Flexural Strenght 80 %   ASTM D790
Impact Strength ,09 KJ/m2   ASTM D256

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