NYLON filaments

NYLON filaments

Nylon filaments for 3D printers in the 3D PRIMA online shop

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Nylon filaments for 3D printers belong to the poly amides (PA). Nylon is a synthetic fiber that is made completely artificially from carbon, air and water. Due to its susceptibility for “warping”, nylon filaments are a 3D working material for advanced users. To counteract this warping effect, users can make use of printing plates or warm surrounding temperatures. There are a lot of manufacturers that produce nylon filaments. The most famous one is probably made by Taulman 3D. At the moment there are mostly two types of nylon filament: nylon 618 and nylon 645. Recently there have been two more variants: Nylon 680 FDS (for medical and food industrial purposes) and Nylon 910 (for industrial purposes).

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3D printer material: Nylon filament offers a lot of advantages

3D objects printed with nylon filament are very loadable and solid. Also, objects that you create with your 3D printer from nylon filament are very durable and show a high resistance against chemicals. Therefore, it is often used for objects that need to endure high loads like screws, wheels or cogwheels.

It is very easy to create successful 3D prints with nylon filament. You simply need a suited building platform. This minimizes the risk of material detaching. For building larger objects solely from nylon, you should choose a 3D printer with the right printing temperature. A heated building platform is also recommended, but not necessary. By the way, nylon filament is easily paintable with textile colors.

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