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bioFila linen Filament - 1.75mm - 750g spool

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biofila linen is a material, which looks like linen. With this material you can materialize very natural designs, with a very natural haptic.

After nine months of development, German company twoBEars has launched bioFila, a new biodegradable filament designed for 3D printing.

The material is based on lignin, a complex polymer of aromatic alcohols known as monolignols. It is most commonly derived from wood, and is an integral part of the secondary cell walls of plants and some algae.

The bioFila is 100% biodegradable and made from renewable raw-materials, so when you throw it in a landfill or soil it will ultimately break down. What makes the bioFila different from the existing materials is its hardness and charpy values, which are much higher than the others. These high-strength material offers new possibilities for the design of parts, which requires higher resistance against stress and pressure.

The bioFila linen has a surprising line texture. It has more natural looking with a unique aesthetic.

Material datas:

E-Modul (GPa): 2,7
Charpy (kJ/m^2): 58

With diffrent settings you can achieve diffrent end results

shiny surface:
extruder temperatur: 170°C / 338°F
hot bed temperatur: 90°C / 194°F
layer thickness: 0,35mm
nozzle: 0,5mm
nozzel: 20mm/s
product: ZigZag Vase (Thingiverse)
printer: Spiderbot (Delta printer)

rough surface:
extruder temperatur: >220°C / 428°F
hot bed temperatur: 90°C / 194°F
layer thickness: 0,35mm
nozzle: 0,5mm
speed: 20mm/s
product: ZigZag Vase (Thingiverse)
printer: Spiderbot (Delta printer)


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