Taulman Tritan High Tensile Polyester Filament - 1.75 mm - 0.45 kg spool - clear

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Tritan is our new high tensile strength material. After initial testing by leading professionals in the 3D Printing community, "3D Printed" tritan samples were submitted to the St Louis test labs and we could not be more pleased with the results. Tensile Stress (PSI) of 6,600 lbs, Modulus (PSI) 53,000, E@B was 18.7% "When 3D Printed". The reports from testers continue to confirm that Tritan is the strongest material they have printed. To include bonding, bridging, non-stringing and extremely low warping.

From AOSmith Industrial Tooling Specialist Jeff Guisinger: Great printing characteristics stayed nice and flat @257C with PVA glue and bed at 60C parts are durable. We only have about 2 weeks testing on the floor with it, but I do see a demand.

From E3D Owner,Sanjay: Awesome! Really great to print, goes down clean, little ooze, great general printing characteristics in terms of bridging, ooze, ability to print quickly. The material is exceptionally tough, and simply will not crack along the layers despite much effort to do so.

  • Glass clear
  • FDA approved raw material
  • Excellent bonding makes for shatter proof parts.
  • Prints at ~270C on clean glass heated to 85C

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