WOOD filaments

WOOD filaments

Wood filament for your 3D printer in the 3D PRIMA online shop

Buy cheap filaments made of wood (Wood-Plastic-Composites, WPC)

Are you looking for high quality wood filament for your 3D printer? Then look no further! In our shop you will find the best filaments made of wood-plastic composites. Wood filaments for 3D printers are made of wood (mostly wood flour) as well as various additives and plastics. Take advantage of the long relationships we have with 3D printer manufacturers, our large stock, competitive prices and fast shipping.

Wood filaments are thermoplastically processed composites. They are used in state-of-the-art processes in the plastics industry, such as thermoforming, press technology, extrusion, injection molding and rotational molding. In addition to WPC (wood-plastic composite), the terms thermoplastic fiber (TPF), high-tech wood and wood plastic are also known.

Do you want to buy high quality wood filaments for your 3D printer? Then you’ve come to the right place! If you encounter any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call! We are happy to advise you extensively: +46 40 684 97 90. Or write us an email to: info@3dprima.com.

3D printer material: wood filament – a unique product

Wood filament does not necessarily have to contain wood. Wood filaments denote those substances that are enriched with vegetable fibers (cellulose). In addition to wood, the contained plants can also be flax, jute or kenaf. This does not change the properties of the material and the success of 3D printing. However, some experts do not want to call this wood filament WPC, but suggest the term "natural fiber reinforced plastic". In order to be recognized as so-called bio-materials, the percentage of wood should be over 20. All our wood filaments in the 3D Prima online shop reach this percentage easily. Normally, wood filament (WPC) consists of a wood flour or fiber content of 50 to 90 percent and a plastic matrix of PP (polypropylene) or more rarely of PE (polyethylene). WPC (Wood-Plastic Composites) belong to the sub-group of bio-composites in the field of bio-materials. By the way, wood filaments in which wood fibers are replaced by bamboo fibers are called Bamboo Plastic Composites (BPCs).

Wood filament as a perfect 3D printing material

Wood filaments for 3D printing have many advantages, but also a few disadvantages. For instance, when objects are not coated, objects made from wood filament are more likely to absorb water than objects that are made of plastic. Compared to solid plastics, wood filament offers greater rigidity and a much lower so-called coefficient of thermal expansion. Advantages of wood filament compared to common wood materials such as chipboard are the free and three-dimensional formability of the material and the more pronounced resistance to moisture.

In the two-stage extrusion process, mixing, drying and compression take place in one unit and the extrusion itself takes place in a different unit. In a single stage process, sometimes referred to as direct extrusion, plastic pallets and wood particles are separated first, but are then added to the extruder at the same time again.

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