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XYZprinting UV Castable Resin Castable 2 x 500 ml Bottles (Orange)

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  • Mfg part No, RUCSTXTW00B
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Product description
Recommended Storage Temperature 10-32°C. Do not store it in the environment over 60°C
Operating Temperature 20-30°C
Consumable Net Weight 500g per can. This package contains 2 cans, 1000g in total


Safety Notice


1. Do not heat up the product. Light-cured resin releases gas when heating up, causing harm to personnel.
2. Place the resin in a ventilated environment, and keep it away from children.
3. Avoid contact uncured resin with skin and eye. Immediately rinse with clear water when accidently contacted.
4. Before discarding the used light-cured resin liquid, place it under the sun and make it cured. Do not pour it into the sewer.
5. The uncured resin part on product surface needs to be cleansed with alcohol after the product has been printed.

Note 1
To print with Castable Resin, make sure the printer firmware and the printing software "XYZware_Nobel" is up to date.
Nobel 1.0A firmware version: or later
XYZware_Nobel: or later

Note 2
For the best printing performance, resin should be used up within 3 months after purchasing.

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