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Z-ABS is optimized for your Zortrax M200, M200 Plus and M300 3D printer. Use it to quickly and easily produce durable ABS prototypes, parts and objects. You can use ABS to additive manufacture prototypes, models and end use parts.
Material properties:

  • Optimized ABS filament for Zortrax M-Series
  • Good surface and mechanical properties
  • Z-ABS tends to warp less than normal ABS
  • Ideal for prototypes, models and end applications

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    Z-ABS filament – Optimized ABS filament for the Zortrax M-Series

    Z-ABS is a standard thermoplastic filament developed and manufactured specifically for the Zortrax M-Series. 3D print with it on your M200, M200 Plus and M300.  Zortrax M-Series 3D printers use LPD (FFF / FDM)-3D printing technology. These 3D printers create 3D objects using the extrusion of molten filament.

    Material properties:

    • Optimized ABS filament for the Zortrax M-Series
    • Material for engineers, designers and people who need strong and lightweight parts
    • Used in everyday products such as LEGO bricks
    • Strong and durable material
    • Good surface and mechanical properties
    • Z-ABS tends to warp less than normal ABS
    • Ideal for prototypes, models and end-use-parts

    3D printing with Z-ABS on your Zortrax M200 / Plus and M300

    You can use third-party filaments on your Zortrax 3D printers. However, Zortrax Z-ABS is optimized, tested, and comes with preset parameters for use on your M200, M200 Plus, and M300. It is easier to print in 3D than third-party ABS filament. Furthermore, Z-ABS is the most efficient and convenient filament to process if you want to use ABS on your Zortrax M-Series 3D printer.

    Zortrax Z-ABS end-use-parts and prototypes

    Z-ABS is perfect for test parts, functional prototypes and concept models. You can also use this material for additive manufacturing of final components. ABS is lighter and more durable than PLA. For example, LEGO bricks are made of ABS.

    ABS in different colors

    Zortrax Z-ABS filament is available in a variety of colors. Designers, engineers and inventors can use this Zortrax filament to develop, test and produce much faster and more reliable end products for the market. Z-ABS, along with Z-Suite software features, offers excellent aesthetics and mechanical properties.

    Buy Z-ABS filament to get an optimized filament for the Zortrax M-Series (M200, M200 Plus & M300) and 3D print prototypes, objects and end parts of stunning quality.


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