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LayFilaments GROWLAY Filament - 2.85mm - 250 g - Brown

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Print 3D objects and let biological cultures grow:

1. grass; moss
2. fungus ; mildew
3. lichen
4. mycelium
5. pharma-cultures, mother cells

GROWLAY works like a breeding ground.

GROWLAY properties:

  • GROWLAY is microcapillary. Its cavities absorb and store water, dissolved liquid nutrients or fertilizer. Promoted because of the capillary action throughout the printed object.
  • Mold grows through the open-cell capillaries and forms a mycelium.
  • Seeds of grasses can get caught and grow in Growlay.
  • Spores find room to germinate in small cavities. (see SEM-Pics)
  • Roots cling to the structures of the object filling.
  • Even lichens grow on Growlay. These usually grow preferentially on stones of walls or trees.
  • GROWLAY can be sterilized (for food use and research) with gases or wet (but not thermally)
  • For color differentiation, objects printed with Growlay can be subsequently colored with food colors.
  • absorptive carrier for agents

GROWLAY is available in the functionally different versions white
and brown

  • Version white is an experimental filament & fully compostable
  • The brown version contains not only pores but also built-in "food" in the form of cell material which is needed for growth

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