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We at 3D Prima are convinced that 3D prints are the future, and the future is now.

At 3D Prima our goal is to make this new technology available to as many as possible. This is possible by having a close cooperation with our manufactures whom can supply us with well-known brands and at the same time cut the distribution level which makes for a lower price to our company and private customers both.

3D Prima have a wide range of well-known brands and printers from among others Wanhao with their top of the range models Duplicator 4 and Duplicator 5.

To make you feel extra safe after your purchase we always keep a stock with spare parts if you should need it.

3D Prima has a wide range of filaments such as ABS, PLA, HIPS, Nylon and flexible materials from NINJAFLEX. Please also try our own flexible filament – 3D Prima TPE Flexible.

We can also offer a wide range of special filaments such as T-glase PETT from Taulman, Laywoo and Laybrick which gives you a feeling of sandstone or wood, a natural feeling in short. See our full range of filaments here.

3D Prima also offers software to take your 3D Prints to another level, for the professional user we have nettfabb professional and for regular home users we can offer both nettfabb private and the new vary versatile SIMPLIFY 3D where you really can take control over our prints and make them exactly as you want them.

With DHL and FedEx we can deliver in Sweden within 1-2 days and to EU countries within 2-6 days.

At 3D Prima we care and take pride in our availability. Weekdays 8.30 – 17.00 you can reach us by phone or mail, or Facebook if you prefer. We will always be there for you and do our outmost to help and guide you if problems or question should occur.

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Prima Printer Nordic AB
Kantyxegatan 25 F
213 76 MALMOE

Tel: + 46 40 684 97 90

Company reg.nr: 556957-2927
VAT nr: SE556957292701

Registered Company Name: Prima Printer Nordic AB
CEO: Jacob Mårtensson
Registered Office: Malmö
Bankgiro: 377-8214
Bank: Swedbank

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