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SLS Printers

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SLS Printer (selective laser sintering) – best products | 3D-Prima

Selective laser sintering is a generative production process in 3D printing. Buy your high quality SLS printer from well-known companies to produce objects and structures via laser sintering. The base for this is a powdery starting material. During sintering, fine-grained ceramic or metallic substances are heated, often under elevated pressure. Actually, laser sintering is quite similar to stereolithography. The difference, however, is the base material and the mechanism of hardening. Instead of liquid substances, powder is used and instead of a photo-chemical reaction, the laser sinters the material.

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SLS printing – order the perfect 3D printer here

In a SLS printer the workpiece is built layer by layer. This makes laser sintering a layer based generative production process. The laser beams allow to produce any 3D geometry, even with undercuts or objects that are not feasible with common casting processes. Besides metal and ceramics, casting sand and plastics are being used in SLS printers. The product of laser sintering always has a certain degree of porousness. This can be compensated afterwards by submerging the object in liquids like liquid copper for instance.

Current trends display that the 3D printing technology is being used as a rapid manufacturing tooling process to create tools or functional parts quickly. Because of the complex machinery and the process times, these procedures are commonly used for producing prototype parts. Most of the time a CO2 laser, a Nd:YAG laser or a Fiber laser is used. The powdery material is a special plastic, namely a plastic-coated so-called molding sand, a ceramic or a metal powder.

SLS 3D printers: selective laser sintering

An important advantage of SLS printers is that there is no need for supporting structures. These are crucial for many other rapid prototyping procedures. During the printing process the workpiece is being held in place by the powder that surrounds it the entire time. At the end of the manufacturing process the powder that is left over is being knocked off and recycled.

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