BVOH (Butenediol vinyl alcohol copolymer) is a new type of very useful support material. BVOH is used to print complex parts where traditional support materials do not work. BVOH will be perfect for more complex structures and objects.

Compared to PVA, you get a better surface finish and a finished result that is much easier to remove and dissolves better in water. The BVOH filament can be used with printers with a dual extruder setup. It is known for its high adhesion to other types of filaments and can be combined with popular materials such as PLA, ABS, PET-G, ASA, Nylon and even elastic filaments such as TPU.

Please note that the filament should be stored in a dry place and in a sealed bag to avoid the material getting wet, which leads to deterioration of its properties.

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BCN3D Filaments BVOH - 2.85 mm - 500 g Article no.: 7922 Article no.: 26486
Article no.: 7922 Article no.: 26486 EAN: 8436586131432
€ 69,95 (Base price: € 139,90/kilogram)
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ZMorph BVOH - 1.75mm - 350 g Article no.: 8195 Article no.: 26750
Article no.: 8195 Article no.: 26750
€ 68,90 (Base price: € 196,86/kilogram)
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