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A DLP 3D Printer uses digital light processing: That’s a 3D printing process in which photopolymer resins are hardened by a projector. This printing process is quite similar to that of an SLA 3D Printer: Digital light processing, like stereolithography, is often used for printing prototypes. Also, generally fine frames for demonstration purposes are often produced using the DLP process.

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3D Printer "DLP" for best results in 3D printing

Digital light processing technology (DLP) and laser-based stereolithography (SLA) follow very similar basic principles: In both processes, liquid resins are exposed to controlled light. This allows extremely fine and strong layers to be printed, which then solidify into an object. A DLP 3D Printer uses a digitally generated screen. The DLP system is usually able to print faster than the laser-based system. Disadvantages arise during the postprocessing of the objects and with regard to the resolution.

However, a DLP 3D Printer is excellent at printing small objects. The resolution achieved during printing depends largely on the projector. The DLP Printer reaches its limits especially with small details.

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The advantages of a DLP 3D Printer are in particular: The printing quality is better than with other typical 3D printing processes. In addition, DLP Printers are capable of producing very respectable results in a short time from a purchase price of less than 2000 euro. Objects with a smooth surface structure are particularly easy to print.

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