PLA filaments

PLA filaments

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In addition to ABS, PLA (polylactide or polylactic acid) is one of the most widely used filaments for 3D printers that work on the FDM principle. Polylactides are synthetic polymers. They belong to the polyesters. PLA is composed of several chemically bound lactic acid molecules. PLA can be turned into a deformable plastic (also called thermoplastics) by adding heat - for example with a 3D printer. Polylactide plastics are also considered to be biocompatible. Because of its many advantages, PLA can be found in sportswear and functional clothing, for example, and is an extremely popular 3D printing filament.

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PLA filament: the many benefits of polyactides

In the field of 3D printers, PLA filaments are mostly not pure substances made from corn starch. These are usually so-called PLA blends. PLA is not only the most widely used filament, it is also the most sought after by owners of 3D printers. This is due to the many advantages of the material. The biggest one probably is the bio-compatibility. Thus products made of PLA can be made food-safe. PLA is also quite UV-resistant and burns badly. In addition, the material absorbs only little water or moisture. Although PLA filament is less impact resistant, it is stiff, tensile and has a strong surface hardness.

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Discover our wide range of high quality PLA filaments. We stock material for 3D printers from the following filament suppliers: PrimaFilaments (PrimaValue, PrimaSelect and PrimaSelect Pro) and TwoBears. The 1.75 or 1.85mm thick spindles are available in weights of 750 grams, 1 kilogram and 2.3 kilograms. Of course, we also offer the entire color spectrum from subtle colors such as black, gray, white and brown to bright colors like Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple and Pink. Exotic PLA filament colors such as translucent, gold or silver as well as neon colors are also available.

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